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Business Card Trends You Should Know About

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 Are you still giving out boring business cards that look like something your accountant designed for you?  If so, maybe you should get with the times and create a new business card for your business.
Whenever most people think about business cards, they think of a boring and dated mode of marketing.  But guess what?  Creative individuals and businesses are doing great things with business cards these days.
In recent years, business cards have taken on a new life, with designers and creative types pushing the limits of what we once thought a business card should be.  The right business card can act as one of your most powerful marketing tools and can actually be fun…..if your ready to put some creativity into it.
A great business card should provide basic information about you and your business, but the way you present it can be as creative as you want it to be.  While some recent trends have emerged like adding QR codes and Social Media links on business cards, these are far from unique and will do nothing to liven up an already boring business card.  With some imagination, quality printing, and a little fun… can have a business card you’re proud to hand out at your next networking event.  Let’s look at some new trends in business card design that can breathe life into an old medium.

Social Media Business Cards

Whether on Facebook, Twitter or just doing a Google Search….we are all familiar with the standard screen displays for each of these platforms.  Why not have some fun and re-create that experience on your business card?  Creative, fun and original can be used to describe cards like these.
facebook business card

twitter business card

Simple and Elegant Business Cards

Some of the best business cards are also the simplest.  Trying to do too much on your business card can make it look scattered and unprofessional.  Consider trying something simple. Quality paper stock and nice typography are the keys to making a beautiful and simple business card.
simple design business card

simple logo and design business card

simple and elegant business card

Business Cards made from Unique Materials

You don’t have to create you’re business cards from standard paper stock.  Just like with promotional items, you can have your business information printed on just about anything.
business cards from seeds
business cards with seeds in them

rubber business card

business card made of cloth

Business Cards with Unique Shapes

Just like with the type of material you use, don’t think that your business card has to be the standard four corner business card.  Sometimes even a slight variation from the standard sized business card can help you stand out from the crowd.
unique shape business card

odd shaped business card

unique business card designs

Everyday Items as Business Cards

One of the most creative trends in business card design is using everyday items we see as the basis for business card designs.  This is a good idea if you can tie the item to something specific to your industry, like a travel agency using a luggage tag design for their business card.
government issued id business card

price tag business card design

luggage tag business card design

Business Cards can be as creative as you want them to be.

Exchanging business cards is still one of the most popular ways to network offline, why not put in a little time and effort and come up with something fun and memorable?  Be a hero at your next networking event and be the one with the cool business card everyone wants to copy.

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