Saturday, 1 September 2012

8 Ways to Revamp Your Business Card

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What's NewOf course, some aspects of business cards are industry-specific. What works for a photography studio won't necessarily work for a real-estate agent. That's why it's important to first think about the message you're trying to send. "We're finding more and more business cards are an extension of the brand and the personality of the company," says Rob Schlacter, VP of business services for Staples, Inc. and head of the "Business Cards in Minutes" program.
With that in mind, here are eight of the top trends our experts highlighted to help your company's personality shine through while looking professional:

  1. Incorporate foil accents. These elegant accents can add an artistic flair and make your words "pop" off the cardstock.
  2. Add some color. Crowe says full-color backings are popular right now. Also, depending on your industry, unique, colorful illustrations or images can leave a lasting impression.
  3. Use both sides. The back of the card, which was previously uncharted territory, can be used for more than just contact details. "Include a special offer, highlight your website, insert a calendar or insert an appointment slot," suggests Crowe.
  4. Try hi-tech. Worried you forgot to mention important details in your last meeting with a potential client? Then leave them with a CD. Another up-and-coming way to market your business is the USB business card. Print your contact information on a USB thumb drive and share as many files and images as you want.
  5. Go vertical. If you're looking for a way to stand out, try giving your layout a 90-degree turn. Crowe says she's seen more clients choosing to print vertically instead of the traditional horizontal layout.
  6. Stick with a traditional size. Though our experts recommend experimenting with the layout, they say you should stick with the traditional 3.5-by-2-inch business card dimensions. That way, they fit easily into your client's Rolodex or wallets.
  7. Give your card texture. Hawthorne Leather Goods LLC, which manufactures leather goods under the brand Rawlings Sports Accessories, makes business cards out of authentic Rawlings baseball glove leather. The company says recipients of the cards have an emotional response thanks to the scent and feel of the baseball leather.
  8. Get social. Schlacter says high-school age teens venture into Staples to create social networking cards that include information like Facebook and MySpace links. If your business uses social networking as a marketing tool, consider displaying that information on your cards.

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