Saturday, 23 November 2013

7 ways to save money on your brochure printing

Source: Creativebloq

There’s no reason why you can’t create a brochure that is both cost-effective and beautiful.

Whether you need 10 or 10,000 copies, brochure printing can be an expensive business. So how do you know that it's money well spent? And what can you do to save some cash without skimping on design or print quality? Here are some key factors to take into consideration.

01. Size and page count

When you're trying to be economical, it's tempting to just try and fit as much content and as many images as possible onto fewer pages. This is rarely a good idea, and can easily look cramped, cluttered and unprofessional, yet brochures don't always need to be heavy or large to have the desired effect and create a strong impact. Clear and concise copywriting will ensure that you only include the information that is necessary, and where design is concerned, less is very often more.