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What is going to be printed in 2012?

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As the New Year 2012 finds its space and some time to breathe in the places which are still facing the conflicts. The age old tradition of writing the books on paper using the pen is still followed among the people who taught the world how to write the good and bad ideas to present them well. A writer is forced by media to add spice to the simple words. Whatever way you write, it has to sell and it has to find its readers.
Worth of a writer cannot be decided by the publication house but it can certainly put you off track. A writer waits to be known as an author. Lots of writers spend good time figuring out what is worth of writing. Unfortunately the media studies lead nowhere. I try to list the some of the things which can make sense. The list below is without any claims and of course if you consider them for serious writing; please consult the research group of your publishing house which will run the statistical tools to determine whether a book must be printed.

Trends 2012 for Publishing Agents
Agents who push the publication houses with the right manuscript will get busier in 2012 as well. Their holier and wiser than thou attitude will make them miss several best sellers. The agents will realize how it feels when you do not have competition in the market. There are no major series which are being awaited by the readers. The agents will push the fictions to later date and non-fiction stories will rule their calendars. Why non-fiction? Non-fiction books with tell-all series can guarantee the publication house that it will reach break-even point sooner than expected. Fiction based story books, novels and poetry does not appeal to the people who do not have time to go through the imaginary plots. For agents in 2012, the theme is expected to be wars, survivor stories, fall of the empires, and demise of dictators, revolt and rebellion in the countries. Agents would be more interested in looking at the first-person accounts of what went in Libya, North Korea and other troubled places. Also, the stories emerging from the soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan will also be taken with interest. The list can be longer for them. As I said, every publishing agent is wiser than me. Their wisdom will make them grab and miss the best sellers both.

Trends 2012 for Authors, Writers and Novices
It takes quite a long time to realize that an author is on wrong track. The cliché is written words have some value while ideas are still considered the intangible in the air assets. Year 2012 will see some change in this paradigm. Authors and writers are becoming more assertive of what they should be writing. Almost every publishing house has its own research wing which can provide the data on what would be successful in next year and the past sales figures can be judgmental on the things which must be written about seriously. No writer can survive if he is writing for self-pleasure. Well, the hard-reality of the market is that, your books must sell to recover its cost and of course it must earn some royalties for you as well. If your books are not making money, soon you would become untouchable for many publications or until you have something which will sell.
Year 2012 will be ruled by the topics and subjects which are research based. What ever happened at the world-stage in 2011 will influence what you read in 2012. The writers, who are in the mode of gathering the facts and figures which can be quoted in their work, will get the readers who would be interested in buying the books. Great number of writers will focus on telling the accounts of several people and the stories of wars and struggle in Middle East and elsewhere will find the ink being spilled on the paper. In 2012, non-fiction will remain all time favorite. The world is waiting to hear and learn many things from the conflicts of the past. Some more real stories will emerge and will become famous.

Trends 2012 for Publications
Publishing world will spend considerable time in researching the next best possible series that would match the popularity of Harry Potter. It is expected that a new writer will fill that space in 2012 and would become instant hit again. It is certainly prediction that some of manuscripts will make to that point. The publication houses will continue in the ratio of 1:10 from 1:20. That’s how the profits are generated. Also, some of the publication houses will not be able to sustain the demands of changing times and will cease to exist. Year 2012 will continue to see the shift from paper to digital media. The on-demand printing will continue to save money for all. The largest buyers of the books will remain the libraries and archives where the multiple copies are bought.
Trends 2012 for Publication Distribution Networks
Most of the distributers of the books are worried because less number of books are sold in the market. Consider the cases of the repeated failure of well known authors in terms of sales numbers. Even the distribution networks need that super selling author. The new trends and bench-mark will be set in 2012 as the distribution networks and providers of the services will shift to on-demand printing at various centers all over the world. The collaborations and deals to publish major books locally will make more sense because that would create the win-win situation for all and it would also stop the wastage of money which goes in transportation.

Trends 2012 for Digital Books and E-Books
Almost all well known writers know and are dependent on the sale of the printed books. The numbers of books sold in electronic format are not still enough to replace the paper. Though, the digital books will pick the market but the numbers will not beat the market. Kindle and other devices failed to become the reading devices of the masses. The books which are read in schools and colleges, still need to be printed on paper. That is very large segment which could show the path to change. Digital books and electronic books will not be that way popular as expected. They would never replace the paper based books. It is not expected so sooner.

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